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  • Master Immune Molecule
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This video covers more details about our glutathione product.

If you have not seen the before and after pictures, check out the Introduction page.  We have hundreds of pictures and testimonials on the external, internal, and mental condition of individuals who have used this incredible product.

Our product is nano technology glutathione and cystine.  Not the glutathione you may be providing as an IV, or that is taken orally and has very limited efficacy because of the antiquated delivery process.  We are talking about revolutionary NEW nano technology glutathione that is delivered sublingually under the tongue or through the mucus membranes. It enters your cells within 70 SECONDS! This product is small enough for cellular penetration and goes to work immediately protecting and repairing your body.

Scientists call glutathione the MASTER immune molecule.  There are more than 150 thousand clinical studies on glutathione.  It is just as important for your survival as oxygen.  Without glutathione your blood cannot chemically deliver oxygen to your cells.

It is the key ingredient determining how long you live, how healthy you are going to be, and how fast you recover from illness.  It impacts your life every day physically and mentally.  In fact, it is involved in more than 400 life functions in your body.

Most of the glutathione in the body is produced intracellularly by the liver from the amino acids - cysteine, glutamate, and glycine.

Glutathione is the protector of mitochondrial DNA by blocking cellular mutation.  We all know what happens when your cells mutate.

It modulates T-cell production, increasing and decreasing the rate based on your immune requirements.  The faster T-Cells multiply, the faster they can attack bacteria, viruses, and other harmful agents in your body. 
It is a chelator of heavy metals and removes poisons like mercury from the cell.

Every day more than 200 industrial chemicals can enter your body and attack your cells and DNA. Glutathione works like fly paper and sticks to the bad actors and removes them from your cells.

Each cell in your body is attacked 10,000 to 20,000 times a day by free radicals which strip an electron from the cell leading to oxidative stress and cellular death.

Glutathione works like a security guard, jumping in and neutralizing free radicals before they can do damage.  

The liver creates a thousand times more glutathione than other cells because it is the main organ to remove toxins from your body.  Incredibly, the liver uses glutathione to detoxify itself.

Many other free radical scavengers like vitamin C, D, E etc., can only attack one target a limited number of times and cannot be recharged.  Glutathione can attack ALL the free radicals recharging itself tens of thousands of times.

The challenge with glutathione is every decade after the age of 20 your body reduces glutathione production by 8-15%.   By the time you are 70, your ability to make this life-giving miracle has been reduced by half.

You cannot easily supplement glutathione because the stomach destroys it before it can get into the blood stream and then to your cells.

Because the body loses glutathione every decade, it is no wonder we age, have increased illness, loss of energy, and poor mental health.

Your body and cells face the world environment, poisons, diseases, and other issues EVERY day the same as when you were young.  If you have less glutathione as you age, with the same free radical attacks daily, you need more external glutathione to fight the aging process.

Every day cells are aging and reproducing worn-out cells.  This product will improve the current cells, so when they reproduce, they create healthier cells. The next batch of cells start healthier, and the product works to help them mature into even better cells for the next round of reproduction. This is reverse aging, not just slowing down the aging process.

Another characteristic of glutathione is that it has a half-life of about ninety minutes.  This means if you boost one measure of glutathione for example with an IV, you will only have 50% left in 90 minutes.  In another 90 minutes, half again is gone, leaving only 25%.  Within 24 to 48 hours the glutathione from the initial boost in your blood is virtually undetectable.

You can safely increase the amount of glutathione in your blood by taking the nano technology product more often based on the needs of your body and activity.   Most of the results from the trials used about a teaspoon of (the current product) once a day or as much as half a teaspoon before and after each hour exercising.  The current monthly recommendation provides for twice that amount based on additional benefits.

The spray-on skin product is designed to maximize skin health and includes additional research backed ingredients, such as, dimethyl sulfone, sodium hyaluronate, cystine, proline, calcium ascorbate, glycine, arginine, valine, curcumin, hydroxyproline, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and collagen.

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